We’re nearing the end of April, Charticon Army, and yet we are still quite far from the mark. In the interest of keeping our promises, we are refunding the current club membership dues. Out of our goal of 200 participants, 40 of you were able to join the Charticon Club and it shows a tremendous commitment to the Charticon Experience.

Though we did not reach those goals, we haven’t given up! We are exhausting options to bring Charticon back in 2015!

In the meantime, we offer an exciting gift to the Charticon Army! We’ve spoken to Get Right Robot about their Cupid figure – we were impressed by its intricate design and thought that this stylish figure could be the first of many Charticon exclusives to offer fans – and they were cool enough to create an exclusive pre-convention figure just for Charticon! Sharing the futuristic Cybertronian design of the G1 era, Eros, the dark red counterpart to Cupid, is making his debut on the Charticon website!

Limited to a run of 100, compared to Cupid’s run of 200, Eros will only be available through the Charticon website through preorder(available May 1st), and as reward to those 40 Charticon Army members who joined the Charticon Club, they will receive a 1-day advance access to purchasing this incredible figure! Purchasing will be limited to 1 per PayPal account for the first three days to give everyone a fair shot at getting at least one figure; afterwards, fans may purchase as many as they’d like until Eros is sold out! Pictures, pricing and ship-date information will follow in the coming days on the Charticon social media.

We again thank Get Right Robot for providing these awesome figures for the fans!

‘Til All Are One


Get Right Robot has plans to release two custom figures, based on Cybertronian alt modes! The first is Cupid, in this Scout-class sizing and yellow paint scheme, and the second is Eros, also Scout-class sized, with a planned red paint scheme!


Check Get Right Robot’s Facebook page for more updates, but we are interested in getting our hands on these guys! We hear their detail and transformation are “more than meets the eye.” :p


A month has gone by since we opened the Charticon Club and, long story short, we haven’t reached our goal yet.

We’re not ready to throw in the towel yet, though!

We’re extending the club sign up by another month and are also kicking off a sponsorship drive for April! We aim to add new Club members as well as more sponsors in April as well to give us a good jump-start to continue with plans for Charticon 2015!

April is the final stretch, Charticon Army! If we don’t hit our goals by month-end, all club membership money will be refunded, including sponsorship money (and before the 60 day PayPal refund expires and fees are assessed), and we’ll have to put plans for Charticon 2015 on hold.  As promised, however, we will refund any monies currently paid to the Club in March, if you so choose. We said we’d refund all monies if we didn’t reach the goal by the end of March and we will honor that if you choose to pull out now.  Simply email us saying you want a refund and we will refund your Club membership immediately. BUT, If you’re willing to stick it out with us for April, it would be much appreciated, and in the case of the show not reaching its funding goals before the end of April, we will refund ALL monies paid prior to the PayPal 60 day refund window.

Please join the club and invite others to support and donate and for others to help sponsor our show on the Sponsorships and Donations tab!  We will also have an exciting announcement coming next week, so keep your optics locked, Charticon Army!

With your help, we can bring the Charticon Experience back for 2015!