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Some of the Council of Primes raised these questions today, in light of rumors of Hasbro pulling out from G.I.Joe-related activities: has G.I.Joe become an outdated concept for the current world climate? Are children unable to connect with its Good versus Evil message? How can Transformers avoid stagnation?

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  1. As a fan of both properties I really want Hasbro to reinvigorate GIJOE and not give up on it. Renegades was a great effort. But they could push it farther. Maybe they wrote themselves into a corner. Maybe the dramatic paceing was not resonating with the younger audience, maybe they stopped out of respect for character designer Clément Sauvé passing away. (Brothers of Light is dedicated to him) who knows. But more likely its that their merchandising plans for the show were hitting to many bumps from retailers not wanting to carry gijoe after rise of cobra.

    Its got to find a new angle with a new story to tell or at least a different story than the one they have been telling. Its hard for GIJOE to stand out with the toy industry being as tough as its been lately in terms of variety and customer awareness. I’m not saying get rid of cobra, I’m saying make cobra the sleeping threat while other factions rise out of its criminal empire.

    Transforming Attack Vehicles and Backpack exo armor. Spring loaded Fists. A blend of M.A.S.K and Starcom.

    Customers want toys that do more. Collectors don’t want sound attack, or Intrusive oversized missile launchers. But there are other avenues to explore.

  2. The G.I.Joe: Renegades series showed a much more realistic and modern depiction of the Joe/Cobra conflict, and to some extent the recent movies, with Cobra working behind the scenes, its coils wrapped around industry and flexing its muscles through corporate takeover and weapons production. I think this is what G.I.Joe needs to embrace – it’s a counter-terrorism unit that has to suss out and infiltrate the Cobra menace. Much like how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. currently works on the airwave – sure, you’ve got to have the action element, but a lot of story and narrative elements have to come form the “secret war” if you will, behind the scenes; behind a laptop and smuggled goods.

  3. I think it absolutely is outdated in this current climate. The US society has terrorist threats and terrorism thrust at him in every form of media. It’s constantly being reported on, assessed, etc. We know how terrorists operate and they are still a real and vivid memory from 9/11.

    To take that and then utilize the Cobra Terrorist force, it just becomes a farce bordering on insult. The concept of GI Joe vs. CObra does not appeal to modern consumers due to the fact that terrorists do not operate as a standard army in uniform shouting their dang organization name.

    Take into account the realism provided by the yearly released Call of Duty games, etc. and GI Joe has nothing to offer the younger crowd. Cobra isn’t a serious villain anymore (and tasteless with real terrorism still stinging a post 9/11 America). The product hasn’t evolved. It’s stagnant. The only real fanbase for this product currently are the 80′s nostalgia boomers.

    It’s just a fact of life and Hasbro knows this. It doesn’t mean the worm won’t turn and they won’t return, but for now. GI Joe is better off decommissioned.

    1. Going anti-war is a part of the gijoe brand to. One possibility is to revive the Adventure team of the 1960s that came out of a response to vietnam tensions. It would not be a terrible idea for a new Joe cartoon on the hub. They could even dive into adventure teams retro futuristic and paranormal aspects as Joe colton and his team traveling the world fighting Zombies, Volcano base super villains, Space Aliens and Dinosaurs. In a retro design philosophy akin to the venture bros.

      Their logo is pretty striking

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